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Area couple believes drunk, aggressive communication key to relationship

IOWA CITY, IA- Against all odds, high school sweethearts Craig Tashley and Sandra Thurman have now been dating for over five years. When asked how they manage to keep a relationship together through all the stress and temptations of college life, the couple pointed to their frequent, alcohol-fueled arguments outside of beloved Iowa City bar and eatery Bo James.

‘The thing is, when I ‘m drunk it ‘s easier for me to think of Sandra as a villainous harpy and accuse her of cheating on me with Brody.” said Craig. Sandra also believes loudly arguing in public offers several key advantages. ‘After eighty dollars of fireball shots, I find it irresistible to poke holes in Craig ‘s incredibly inflated, fragile ego. Especially when we ‘re among hundreds of strangers where he feels forced to uphold his boyish idea of masculine authority”.

The couple is now engaged, with their outdoor wedding scheduled for June. There will be an open bar.

Robert Flanagan is co-founder and frequent performer at The Little Village Comedy Hour, a local Iowa City stand-up showcase. You can follow him on Twitter at @notrobertK.

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