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What To Expect From New York Comic Con 2015

Today, Thursday October 8th, is the first day of New York Comic Con. A lot more than two hundred people are expected to attend this fun event and we have your go-to guide, everything you need to know, about what ‘s going down.

First, it ‘s important to know that costumes are not encouraged this year at the get go. Instead the first few days of the event are going to be spent on coming to an agreement with everyone on the best superhero. People who have seen the fewest movies or read the fewest comics have a weighted vote, just so that they can feel more included! Once every single attendee can agree, then the dressing up and cosplay can occur.

When everyone does get to dress up, here is what is going to be big.

  • Cathy from the cartoon, Cathy! Aack!
  • Wishbone, the dog
  • Leonard McKoy, from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith
  • Anthony Bourdain
  • Sexy Cathy, from the cartoon, Cathy! Aack! 😉
  • The Fanta Girls
  • A lot of dudes wearing a tight spandex body suit and a red or blue cape. They can be any superhero you want them to be. Just use your imagination.

There are also going to be a lot of great talks and booths at this year ‘s convention. Be on the look out for:

  • Grains of Thrones: How Westeros would have benefitted had it been an agricultural society.
  • Nacho Comics! Come read mint condition, first edition comic books while also enjoying some delicious, meat loaded, NY style nachos.
  • You Say Marvel, I Say DC, Lets Call The Whole Thing Off!: A workshop focused on peacemaking and meditation, aimed to set aside differences between comic book lovers, and realize that what is ultimately important is mankind ‘s love for one another. There will be a donation bin for unwanted comic books.
  • IRL AMA: I ‘ve seen half of one Star Wars movie, I think, but then fell asleep.

It ‘s going to be an exciting year! Sound off in the comments what you ‘re most looking forward to!

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