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Items To Promote The New Urban Outfitters Policy Of Employees Working For Free

Urban Outfitters, the fashion stop for trendy teens or Peter Pan syndrome ‘d 27-year-old women, is asking employees to work for free to help them package and ship orders during the busy month of October. Well, they ‘re using a bit of a trendier word, which is ‘volunteering,” and saying that helping out would be a ‘great way to experience our fulfillment operations first hand.” The fun and charitable shifts you can work are from 9 a.m. ‘3 p.m. or 12 p.m. ‘6 p.m. Again, these are VOLUNTEER only.

You ‘re probably wondering what incredible merchandise these employees who will NOT be paid (just want to make that explicitly clear) will be packing and shipping! You ‘re in luck. Here are a few of the trendy tees you can eventually purchase that were handled by unpaid salaried employees!

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