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Jimmy Fallon Can ‘t Whisper And Other Late Night Leftovers

Our team of 37 heavily caffeinated editors has spent all day hand-crafting a brilliantly selected array of the best TV clips from last night so you don ‘t miss anything you shouldn ‘t. Watch what you want, skip what you don ‘t. Just be sure to swing back around tomorrow for more of yesterday ‘s greatest stuff.

With a name like ‘The Whisper Challenge” you ‘d think there would be more whispering involved in this game! Haha, just a gentle ribbing. Brie Larson and Jimmy Fallon try to read one another ‘s lips as they whisper in this #JimmyGameClassicOne,Nice!

On The Late Late Show, James Corden turned Terminator, Se7en, and The Exorcist into musicals with help from Nathan Lane and Rachel Bloom, as well as a comedically underused bandleader Reggie Watts. He ‘s a musician too you guys, what ‘s up with that?! Ahaha, again, we ‘re just teasing.

Finally, in addition to giving us a dramatic reading of a blender review from Cate Blanchett, Colbert gifted us with this steamy story from former chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke. Buckle up your steam belts!

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