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Celebs Are Wilin’ Out With Stupid Shit And It Isn’t Even The Weekend Yet

Celebs be wilin ‘ out, y'all. We ‘ve all been looking forward to the weekend but some celebrities and public personalities, which is really what celebs are, are acting like they are not on the clock.

We got Kelsey Grammer wearing this shirt, that no matter your beliefs is a lil crazy. Kelsey, it ain ‘t the weekend, yet! You ‘re wilin ‘ out!

Kels, baby, this is not the time.

And just when that is giving you a headache, we got Raven Symon ‘ saying on The View that she wouldn ‘t hire someone with a black sounding name like ‘Watermelondrea.” Okay, Raven. Sounds like you ‘re wilin ‘ out and it is not even the weekend yet.
At this point you ‘re thinking, let it be the weekend, PUH-LEASE. But it isn ‘t the weekend yet and Justin Bieber ‘s dad is tweetin about his son ‘s dick.

Bieber Senior, please sit down and stop wilin ‘ out. It is not the weekend yet, ok?

Also for what it ‘s worth. Ben Carson, guns would not have saved the Jews from the Nazis. You ‘re wilin ‘. It ain ‘t the weekend yet. Khloe Kardashian is telling the internet about her sisters ‘ pubic hair. Khloe, we don ‘t want to hear it! You ‘re wilin ‘ and it ain ‘t even the weekend! Okay?!

ATTN: All celebs, it is not the weekend yet, we have another hour or two then you are off the clock and can wile out. We get that you don ‘t have normal jobs but please respect the hours in which it is okay to wile out. Now is not the time. You got to calm down right now. Thank you!

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