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Live From New York! Donald Trump Is Hosting SNL!

Live from New York! It ‘s a nightmare!

International (except in Mexican countries) jokester and all around not-chill dude, Donald Trump is hosting Saturday Night Live on November 7th. The musical guest will be Sia. NBC made the announcement today and people are ‘reacting!

It ‘s hard to make the claim that anyone is excited and who can blame them. The best ‘joke” Trump has told to date is that he would like to hook up with his daughter. [pause for laughter, wait forever for laughter.]

But hey! Maybe we are all wrong about the dozens upon hundreds of insulting and awful things Donald Trump has said and has gone on to defend whole heartedly. Maybe he ‘s just a laid back guy waiting for his big comedic break! Think of the classic comedy characters he can pull out of his bag. Angry taxi driver. Racist old man. Out of touch billionaire. Funny looking dog. Terrifying scarecrow. He already has all of those down.

And another plus is the show won ‘t have to buy any new wigs because wigs are actually terrified of Trump ‘s actual hair and won ‘t get near it! Fun, real fact!

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