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Rand Paul Spends 30 Minutes of Iowa Appearance Trying To Do a Kick Flip

IOWA CITY, IA- Last night Rand Paul addressed hundreds of supporters in front of the Old Capitol building on the University of Iowa ‘s Pentacrest, and in what we presume is an attempt to appeal to his key demographic (18 to 25 year old males), he spent 30 minutes trying to do a kick flip on a skateboard. Assuring the crowd that he had ‘done this before” and then clarifying that he ‘just did it like an hour ago,” he spent 30 fascinating minutes wowing the crowd by attempting a skateboard trick.

Even for those that weren ‘t able to make it to the politician ‘s speaking engagement, this excerpt from the official transcript of his speech will make it markedly clear that he spent more time trying to do a kick flip than he did discussing issues.

Ok. Ok. Just like. Ok. Check this out.Wait, wait, wait. Ok. Watch this (attempts kick flip). Shit. Ok, wait, wait,wait. I got this. Ok. Ok.

‘ Rand Paul, addressing hundreds of onlookers at last night's events.

Paul ‘s speech struck a chord with some of the coed onlookers.When asked about the event, fervent Rand supporter and UI junior, David Albom said this was ‘way cooler than most political things. Rand ‘s our guy. Did you know he ‘s cool with weed?”

Not all were impressed by Paul ‘s rousing speech, however. UI senior Everett Malik, came away from the engagement with some critical words, ‘A kick flip this close to caucuses? He ‘s going to have to do something cooler than that to get my vote.”

While Paul did have his doubters, The Kentucky Senator ‘s campaign manager, Chip Englander assured us that over the course of this campaign, Rand Paul has, ‘gotten a lot better at skateboarding.” With the Iowa caucuses quickly approaching, it ‘s clear that Rand Paul is a real contender among young voters. It ‘s also clear that he spent 30 minutes trying to do a kick flip in front of a crowd.

Connett Croghan is a student at the University of Iowa. He ‘s active in theater and stand up around Iowa City, and you can catch him performing twice a month at Public Space One with his improv group, Paperback Rhino. Follow him on Twitter at @cocrotoofly.

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