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Tipping And 8 Other Dining Customs That Should Be Banned!

Are you one of those people who, after a meal when you ‘re presented with the bill and the opportunity to tip, you freeze up at what to do. Of course you always tip. You aren ‘t a monster. But the potential of tipping too much, or, lawd forbid, too little eats at you. Like what if the service was bad? Or what if the service was so personalized and excellent? Then do you tip them a ton? But then is that the expectation forever? That ‘s so much pressure if you ever return to that restaurant! So is the answer to freeze at the table and pretend to be frozen when they return looking for the check? (No.)

Bottom line, tipping can be mad stressful. The good news is, is that The Union Square Hospitality Group, which owns 13 restaurants in NYC, is doing away with tipping. Danny Meyers, the CEO of the group says that menu prices will rise slightly but customers will no longer be required or encouraged to tip after their meals. TUSHG is phrasing this decision as a ‘Hospitality Included” price surge that will also help pay servers a steady salary.

See below for what else we, the socially awkward diners of the world, want cleared up or otherwise permanently banned from dining establishments.

  • Are you taking my fork or should I keep my fork? Just tell me. I ‘m fine with either, but I have to know.
  • Tell me upfront if refills are free or not.
  • When I enter the restaurant and there is no one at the host stand, does maybe the host not exist? Do I seat myself? Do I even exist?
  • When I inevitably respond, ‘You too” when you tell me to enjoy my meal, do we have to acknowledge that?
  • Fancy restaurants ‘ which fork do I use? Will I be publicly shamed if I use the wrong one?
  • How long do I have to pretend to try and use chopsticks before I can ask for a fork?
  • Should I speed up my water drinking to keep pace with how quickly water refills are being offered?
  • Again, if I ‘m at a fancy place, should I be eating the frilly plants used to decorate a meal? They ‘re usually pretty tasty!

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