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Cubs In The World Series And 9 Other Predictions ‘Back To The Future II’ ALMOST Got Right!

Beloved American sci-fi comedy film Back to the Future II, starring the classic time-traveling duo of Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Emmett ‘Doc” Brown (Christopher Lloyd) was released in 1989, but it ‘s starting to seem like director Robert Zemeckis and writer Bob Gale might have actually had a time machine! That ‘s because several predictions that the film made about what the world would be like in 2015 are eerily close to becoming true! Check out all the oh-so-close but not-quite-right predictions below.

Chicago Cubs ‘ in the World Series???

Back To The Future II predicted that the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series on October 21, 2015. It ‘s now 2015 and looking like the Cubs might make it all the way! However, the movie incorrectly predicted the date as well as who the opposing team would be (note: BTTF2 was right that an MLB team would one day exist from Miami, but the Marlins and the Cubs are both in the National League, making a World Series face-off impossible). So, close but no cigar for this prediction!

Hologram ‘ billboards???

While in the future, Marty McFly sees a holobillboard ‘ a prediction that in the future, billboards would be holograms. But as we all know, billboards remain non-digital prints, while an actual 2015 development is that take-out menus have been replaced with tiny holographic waiters who wait indefinitely to take your order. Almost, Mr. Zemeckis!

Hoverboards ‘ without wheels???

One of the fan favorite parts of BTTF2 is that Marty McFly rides around on a hoverboard. ‘Oh man, we all want one of those!” we all said in unison earlier today after we rewatched this movie like we do every day. But as we soon discovered in 2015, hoverboards ARE a real thing, but they are not wheel-less. Hoverboards have wheels. Sorry Marty!

Yep, this hoverboard manufactured in 2015 definitely has wheels!

Professor Rachel Dolezal ‘ Is White???

While explaining some shit about the clock tower or something, Emmett ‘Doc” Brown makes an offhand remark about a certain ‘Professor Dolezal” named ‘Rachel or some shit” who teaches ‘African American Studies” being outed by her family as actually being born white who in her adult life decided to present herself as black. But as we all know, in the real 2015 Rachel Dolezal was actually an ‘Africana studies” professor. Close but not quite!

17 Sequels ‘ To ‘Jaws ‘???

In reality, only 16 Jaws sequels have been made ‘ so far, that is! Still time to get there, Steven!

Sandwich company spokesperson involved in a ‘ sex scandal???

There is that entire side plot in BTTF2 about 2015 Blimpie sandwich spokesperson ‘Jarem Fogles” who gets caught up in a child pornography scandal and Marty has to help get him out. That was pretty close to Josh Brown of Funny Or Die predicting the whole Jared Fogle debacle! We ‘ll give them a ‘better luck next time” rating for this prediction!

Bruce Jenner transitions to ‘ Kaitlin Jenner???

The cover of the prop 2015 Vanity Fair Marty flips through showing off Bruce Jenner ‘s transition says ‘Call Me Kaitlin.” But in the real life 2015, she spells it with a ‘C”! Nice try, BTTF2!!!

Pizza crust with ‘ bologna in it???

While visiting his future home, the pizza Marty ‘s family heats up in their futuristic microwave has bologna in the crust, eerily similar to Pizza Hut ‘s Hot Dog crust novelty pizza, unveiled earlier this year. Awww, they almost got this one right! So close!!! But alas, Nostradamus they are not ‘ but great filmmakers of the comedy sci-fi genre they are!

Wearing your pants ‘ inside out?

When they first arrive in the future, as Doc dresses up Marty to be an of-the-times teen, he says, ‘All kids in the future wear their pants inside out.” They got this one right, actually.

Yep, Doc and Marty got this one right. The youth in 2015 all wear their pants inside out. Don ‘t believe us? Um, check Snapchat, old man!!

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