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The Internet Agrees That Martin O’Malley Is A Hottie

Last night was the big Democratic showdown, where Hillary would finally come face to face with Big Bad Bernie Sanders, and three other people kinda watched on and got a scrappy punch in when they could.

Well, that ‘s how we thought it was going to go down. And to be fair, for Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb stuck to that narrative. But if you didn ‘t come to the conclusion on you ‘re own, I ‘m here to tell ya, ain ‘t nothing scrappy about Martin O'Malley.

Hubba hubba!

And for those of you not to convinced, here ‘s another.

Kinda DILFy, IMHO.

And it wasn ‘t just me, author of this important piece of journalism that felt this way. Other new O'Malley fans felt this way, too. And took to twitter they did.

Luckily, more people dropped the political politeness of calling him handsome and laid it out that he is hot as hell.

And some took it so far to rename the presidential hopeful.

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