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Stafford Brothers feat Rick Ross & Jay Sean ‘ “When You Feel This”

The Stafford Brothers are excited to release of the brand-new music video for their explosive single, “When You Feel This” featuring Jay Sean & Rick Ross, which is available to purchase now. The video is written by, directed by and stars Australian comedian Chris Lilley ('Summer Heights High,' 'Angry Boys,' 'We Can Be Heroes') and takes the viewer into the dream world of a dental hygienist, where fantasy morphs with reality. As Chris Lilley explains, “We ‘ve all listened to a song and drifted off into thinking we are the stars of the music video. So I wanted to take the mundane life of a 30 something dental nurse and see her live out her music video fantasy. And because it ‘s a daydream I thought it would be fun to bring the dental surgery turtle to life as a rapper. Everyone liked the idea, I got to play all the characters and I had a lot of fun making it. ‘ Itunes: Spotify:

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