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Dance Mom’s Abby Lee Miller Indicted For Fraud Because Of Course, What Did You Expect?

Dang! Abby Lee Miller, mother of all dance mothers, and star of Lifetime ‘s Dance Moms has been indicted on fraud charges. Miller wasn ‘t reeeallly reporting her income from her TV show and dance studio and probably the side money she makes yelling at dudes who get off to that kinda stuff when she filed for bankruptcy. She somehow forgot to mention over half a million dollars of her income. Oops!

But how? And why? And really? Duh, bitches. Take a look at these videos and then tell me what part of Miss Miller ‘s personality makes you think she wouldn ‘t do some shady shit like this.

This was a video of her throwing a chair at a child and than manipulating that child to distrust her own mother. But, yeah, sure, she might be honest when it comes to the money she makes off of doing things like this.

Here she is making children cry and telling them yo go buy yoga balls. But fuck it. I ‘m sure she is good with her finances and is an overall well prepared person. Right? Am I wrong about that?

I mean most adults who aren ‘t fraudulent about their income wouldn ‘t cry and derive a ton of meaning from a toddler shaking her ass in a bikini, so why did we think any differently about Abby Lee Miller?

Anyways, yeah, this news was just loaded in the barrel, waiting to shoot on out. And shoot on out with a lil pli ‘ it did.

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