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You Won’t Believe How Many Times We Posted This Bad ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Answer In One Article!

Let ‘s set the scene: You ‘re on Wheel Of Fortune, there ‘s a buncha letters filled in, you have no more vowels, and you think maybe it ‘s time to take a guess. OK that ‘s really the whole scene! Sometimes setting too much stuff on the scene kinda ruins it. Maybe you should just watch:

Good, right? But it begs for a second view. There is so to unpack much here: Like how you know the fourth word is ‘night,”and the letter T ‘s definitely already been used since it ‘s there in three of the words, like we said the whole word “night” is in there:

Is ‘start in the right way” even a THING? And if it was would it fall under the WOF category of ‘things?” I don ‘t know maybe guess it one more time!

Why didn ‘t she just guess ‘Tar in the Night?”

This got us thinking, are there funny clips from other game shows? Probably, right? And there are. Love this clip of Jeopardy from 2007.

And though that clip of Max FAILing is v. funny, it ‘s certainly no ‘Start in the right way.” So maybe let ‘s just post that 4+ more times.

You ‘re right, you ‘re right. One more:

h/t Death and Taxes

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