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10 Adorable Kids Who Grew Up Into Potted Plants

Zachary Ellis
This little cutie from Morristown, New Jersey told his mom he wanted ‘to be Derek Jeter ‘ when he grew up. He ‘s now a domestic palm tree living next to a pool in Ft. Lauderdale.
Jamie Durst
As little blue-eyed munchkin, Jamie loved horses, horses, horses. Now she ‘s a whispering oak bush in a backyard in Wichita. Don ‘t be alarmed by the photo – she ‘s a perennial!
Lawrence Diggs
Not so long ago, little Lawrence was a fresh-faced cutie from Colorado. He ‘s now a Japanese wishing fern living on a ledge in Brooklyn, New York.
Larissa Anne Elizabeth Kennedy-Hymen
Larissa, or L.A. as friends called her, was a model for J. Crew kids as a tween. She ‘s now an aloe vera plant living on a natural healer ‘s back porch.
Michelle Michelle
Michelle was a little cutie from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She ‘s now a whip-barrel cactus and sophomore at Arizona State. She ‘s pictured here with several of her sorority sisters.
Chelsey and Kelsey Wasserstein
If you ‘re from the Portland metro area, you might recognize Chelsey and Kelsey Wasserstein from their popular Devin ‘s Steakhouse local commercials. They are now two flowering succulents planted outside a dog park in Austin.
Timmy Simpson
Timmy was once just a little boy who wanted to fly fighter jets. He ‘s now red-tipped fern on a desk in the front office of the Houston Astros.
Benjamin O'Sullivan
Benjamin was an altar boy from Evanston, Illinois. This little heartbreaker grew into a nondescript, green plant. He hopes to one day become a petunia.
Denise Turgs
Denise Turgs was a junior Olympian at age 11. She ‘s now a pot of household basil in an older Italian woman ‘s home in Bayonne, New Jersey.
Margaret, Maisy and Maduhlyn Howe
This triple feature of cute-ness originally from the Bay Area grew up into a single Anderson yellow fern. They live outside a rest stop on I95 in Connecticut.

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