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Photographer Pimps Boring, Regular Cars Into V Cool Supercars Using Only Cardboard

Not everybody can afford a nice, cool car or an appointment with Xzibit, whose show has been off the air since 2007 so that ‘s not really a plausible option anyways, we don ‘t know why we even brought it up! But money and MTV ‘s programming decisions are no longer an issue for those who want nice cars, at least if you live in Amsterdam and photographer Max Siedentopf finds your car when you ‘re not around it! In his project ‘Slapdash Supercars,”Siedentopf adds custom decoration to strangers ‘ cars with just some cardboard and masking tape, turning regular ol ‘ sedans into supercars that look like they probably go real-super-fast-vroom-vroom, in our opinion!

Check out some of Siedentopf ‘s pimped rides below, plus more at Vice and on Siedentopf ‘s website.

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