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Little Democrats: 1st Democratic Debate

The actors are shorter, but the words all come from the candidates themselves. Featuring little versions of your favorite democratic debate presidential candidates; Jim Webb, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Lincoln Chafee, and Martin O'Malley.

Magic Beans Creative Agency
Producer: Meg Schmidt
Director: Asher Brown
Editor: Jon Mackey
Writer: Asher Brown
Writer: Meg Schmidt
Writer: Bryan Kett
Writer: Dan Foster
Director of Photography: Matt Read
Production Designer: Kristin Hardin
Makeup/Hair Artist: Kaity Licina
Wardrobe Styling: Nicole Balzano and Jade Thompson
Assistant Editor: Stan Sanders
Hillary Clinton: Nicole Gorbacheva
Lincoln Chafee: Bradley Bundlie
Martin O ‘Malley: Christopher Klein
Bernie Sanders: Dashiell Brooks
Jim Webb: Ryan Kunert

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