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FYI: Steve Martin Performing Standup For Dogs 30+ Years Ago Is Still Great Content

You gotta admit: some things from 1976 did not stand the test of time. Let ‘s look up some things that happened in that year: The Toronto Blue Jays were created ‘ and well, I guess that team still exists, hm. The Apple Computer company was founded ‘ you ‘re right, that still exists, too, and you could say it ‘s thriving, even. Okay, let ‘s keep thinking. The Muppet Show premiered, giving a home for the Muppets and their antics on prime-time TV, which yeah, you ‘re right, sounds familiar cuz that ‘s a thing now, too. Huh, I guess a lot of things from 1876 do hold up! Including this clip of Steve Martin doing standup for dogs on The Carol Burnett Show! Check it out below.

h/t Mental Floss

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