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Quiz: Are These Stills From Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” A 2004 iPod Commercial, Or Monument Valley?

If you aren ‘t living under a rock or you aren ‘t Meek Mill with his fingers in his ears, you ‘ve seen Drake ‘s new ‘Hotline Bling” video he released Monday night. It ‘s goofy and it ‘s hot and everyone has noticed it ‘s looks a lot like the early 2000 ‘s iPod silhouette commercials.

For all you Drake fans or Apple nerds out there, here is the true test to see if you can determine the difference between these screenshots. ‘Hotline Bling” or iPod commercial? Also, to make it a bit harder, we ‘ve added in screenshots of 2014 game of the year, Monument Valley. The image on the left is (A) and the image on the left is (B).

Make sure to keep tally of your answers!

1) Which on a shot from ‘Hotline Bling”?

2) Of these two screenshots, which is an iPod commercial from 2004?

3) Pick the still from Drake ‘s new music video, ‘Hotline Bling.”

4) One of these shots is a dancer from Drake ‘s ‘Hotline Bling” music video. Which one is it?

5) You ‘re looking at a ‘Hotline Bling” screenshot and evil crows from the award winning 2014 puzzle game, Monument Valley. Which one is the latter?

6) Alert, alert! Can you determine which of these photos is a silhouetted Mary J Blige in an iPod commercial?

Done! Did you keep score? Great! Tally up all the answers in the (A) column and subtracts it from those in the (B) column. You now have a number that doesn ‘t reflect anything! Also it was pretty easy to distinguish which shot was from what. Don ‘t be too pleased with yourself.

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