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9 Internet Vids That Are Viral AF This Week

This week ‘s best vids are just waiting for the bass to drop.

Dubstep Straw Man

Wait, does EDM stand for Electronic Dollar Menu?

via Parker Kane

Cat Meowths

Here ‘s a fun video for those of you looking for new nightmare fuel.

via Markiplier

Jack Did Not Eat The Cupcake

At some point, you just have to take a kid at his word.

via Dave. T. Koenig

Baby Keeps Getting Surprised By Faucet

Stick to the rivers and the lakes that you ‘re used to, baby.

via Kyoot Kids

Owl Dances With Stuffed Owl

Dance like nobody ‘s watching. Love like your night vision is spectacular.

via Raptor Rehabber

Deer Diary,

Today I learned that kicking a ball is hard.

via Kyoot Animals

Mike Ditka Gets Ripped

I ‘ve heard of E-S-P-N, but F-A-R-T?

h/t Bleacher Report

Hamster Flips Out

What ‘s your return policy on hamsters?

via Ivan Ivanovich

Girls Sings ‘679″ In Honor Of Her Dead Fish

I ‘ve heard of a Trap Queen, but a Flush Queen?

via Jazmyne Gleaton

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