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Jenny Lewis And Bill Murray Might Be Dating And We Have To Learn To Be Okay With That

Page 6 is reporting that indie songstress Jenny Lewis, famous on her own merit and also for Rilo Kiley and also for her rainbow two piece suit, is dating older man, who kind of reminds me of a funny but creepy uncle, Bill Murray. This is okay. I gueessssss one could celebrate it. One could also definitely be very uncomfortable about this. It just doesn ‘t feel great.

You know how people wear sweatshirts that just say Bill Murray?

Call me old fashion, but if someone has the kind of fame that merits just having their name on a sweatshirt, don ‘t date them!

But alas it ‘s 2015 and not old fashioned times anymore and I guess it ‘s OKAY that they are dating but do not consider me thrilled about this. Is their relationship problematic? I guess not. That doesn ‘t mean I have to be cheering their love on! I just want to live in a world where there is no Portions For Foxes- Caddyshack crossover and I ‘m entitled that that desire.

Well, best of luck to the maybe-couple. I might not understand you but that does not mean I fear you.

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