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More Accurate Titles For J.K. Rowling’s Never-Ending Harry Potter Spin Offs

J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter and woman who spends a lot of time on Twitter, announced that a play based on her short story will debut next summer. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child picks up right where the seventh book leaves off, focusing on Harry and his son, Albus.

Rowling has very actively been expanding the reality of the Harry Potter series since the books were last released in 2007. She revealed to us Dumbledore was a gay man and that Harry and Hermione were actually the two meant to end up together. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a film trilogy she is working on with Warner Bros based on Potter ‘s textbooks.

No doubt the lady is busy as hell but idk maybe this is a wild idea, what if she chilled on writing fan fiction for her own fiction?

With that in mind here are titles she could use for future projects.

  • Harry Potter And The Attempt To Keep Him Relevant
  • Harry Potter And Who Was Your Favorite Character? They Are Now Dead
  • Harry Potter And Whatever Will Keep Your Attention
  • Harry Potter and [INSERT TOPICAL MEME]
  • Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Who Didn ‘t Revamp Interest In The Series
  • Harry Potter And Let ‘s Let Him Live Some Of His Life Privately
  • Harry Potter And J.K., Log Out Of Twitter
  • Harry Potter And Any Aspect Of His Life We Can Monetize
  • Harry Potter And He Vapes Now
  • Harry Potter And Don ‘t Forget This Is Fiction
  • Harry Potter And We ‘ve Had Our Fun Let ‘s Move On
  • Harry Potter And Reread The Series If You ‘d Like

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