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School Cop Body Slams Student Doing Nothing And It Is Truly Scary

Haven ‘t found a Halloween costume yet? Want to be something scary? Are you able to embody a Youtube video in an outfit? If so, then consider maybe being this absolutely horrendous video of a school police officer body slamming an unassuming student who may have been using her phone but honestly that doesn ‘t even matter.

He ‘s doing moves you don ‘t even see on Cops. The officer, Ben Fields, has been placed on administrative duty while local law enforcement and the FBI investigate what went down.

To save some time for them, it looks like what went down was a white man with some authority felt he wasn ‘t receiving the attention or respect he deserved from a young black teenager and that instead of either ignoring it or speaking to her like a human being, he physically assaulted her.

I mean, that ‘s just what it looks like based on the video the accounts, and what ‘s historically been happening since the beginning of time.

Also, don ‘t be this for Halloween, that was a joke. Halloween is for fun scary things like ghouls and the Kardashians after a botox injection. This isn ‘t fun scary. It ‘s life threateningly real scary.

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