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Google Frightgeist Lets You Know Just How Basic Your Costume Idea Is

The toughest thing about Halloween is thinking of a costume and the worst thing about choosing a costume is when someone else had your same idea and you ‘re staring them down at a Halloween party, both totally mortified and bummed out.

Well, luckily Google created Frightgeist to see what the most popular Halloween costume search in your area is. Check to see if your basic bitch idea is all the rave in your hometown.

If you ‘re living near Presque Isle, Maine, think twice about dressing your small child as a clown unless you want to risk losing that child in a crowd of children.

For our readers in the greater Fairbanks, Alaska, area, if you want to be a pirate, know two things. 1) There ‘s gonna be a lot of you. 2) It ‘s gonna be cold as shit out on those waters.

OK , Grand Junction, Colorado, we get it. Y'all can smoke weed now and are all going as hippies. Also, heads up to home owners in the area: Buy A LOT of candy.

Honestly, props to all the basic bitches in Meridian, Mississippi, that know Dorothy ‘s last name. But also no props, because you ‘re all being the same thing.

Don ‘t dress as ‘Star Wars” in Parkersburg, West Virginia, if you ‘re trying to be original. But also, please send in photos if you ‘re dressing up as the entire franchise of Star Wars because that sounds hard.

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