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7 Viral Vids That Are Internet AF Right Now

This week ‘s best vids are especially Jeff.

‘Who is Jeff?”

For all you Jeff lovers out there, this one ‘s a real Jeff party.

via gr18vidz14kidz

The Fall Of Chores

Next up, a drone that can put down the toilet seat when we ‘re finished.

via Mike Schreurs

Racing to the Finish

Despite their size, sumo wrestlers are incredibly strong, graceful and skilled athletes. Unfortunately, none of those assets translate to the running track.

via TITANVORTEX, h/t someecards

Racing to the Start

This reverse video of a backwards running competition is especially trippy because no one ever trips.

via WerkProof

Number 1!

And this is why you should never try and teach an old dog new trick shots.

No comment.

Anything we say would take longer than the video itself.

via Dakota Geng, h/t Reddit

No contest.

Game over. Here is this year ‘s best Halloween costume.

via CallMeAllie

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