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What Happened At The World Series During The Fox Blackout

Last night during game numero uno of The World Series, Fox ‘s broadcast went caput. In light of some technical difficulties, viewers were unable to watch the game and instead were forced to watch three dudes at a podium put all their improv 101 skills to the test. The power outage lasted seven minutes.

Seven. Whole. Minutes.

This begs the question, what happened in those seven minutes? Many people say the game continued on despite Fox being unable to cover it. But a lot of people also think my neighborhood Target opens at 10 a.m. on Sundays when it actually opens at 9 a.m. So I wouldn ‘t be so concerned with “what people think.”

Here are some very possible and likely things that happened in those seven minutes we were unable to watch the game.

  • Players from the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals put down their bats and gloves and hurried into a dugout for a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven.
  • They had a few practice hits and runs and everyone clapped for everyone .
  • All the players and fans in the stands turned their attention to the Jumbotron and listened to a short Ted Talk!
  • Everyone got featured on the Kiss Cam and it was a big love fest!
  • The players just took a quick break. They didn ‘t have to suck their gut in for TV or spit tobacco to look manly. They all sat down and played with the grass.
  • The spectators perfected the wave.
  • The Mets all did a synchronized dance to New York State of Mind that was truly breathtaking. Unfortunately, not enough to win them the game, though.
  • Everyone checked in on the NBA.

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