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“The Longest Oop” with Eminem, The Detroit Pistons, And Many More

“The Longest Oop” is an alley-oop so epic it takes 20 days and over 20 people to complete. Follow the ball on its journey as it makes contact with players, hometown heroes, beloved celebrities, other Detroit sports teams as they embark on this legendary basketball saga, #TheLongestOop.

Starring: Reggie Jackson, John Oliver, Trick Trick, Jimmy Howard, Steven Yeun, Ken Jeong, Stanley Johnson, Bernie Smilovitz, Big Sean, CeeLo, Jalen Rose, David Jacoby, The Starters, Pistons Entertainment Team, Calvin Johnson, JK Simmons, Eminem, Kid Rock, Tom Gores.
Concept by: CJ Toledano
Writers: CJ Toledano, Jake Marcks, Jason Gallagher
Exec Producer: Betsy Koch and Harlan Hendrickson
Directors: Jake Marcks, Erika Share, CJ Toledano, Brad Schulz, Jeremy Deputat, Joel Ruiz
Editors: Erika Share, Jake Marcks, Jeremy Deputat, Brad Schulz
Producers: Amina Munir, Jon Millstein, Catherine Owens, Mike Dewitt, Ro Coppola
DP ‘s: Matt Sweeney and Aaron Ulrich
Special Thanks: Jeff Sakwa, Emily Effler, Nick Bartolone, Dennis Mannion, Charlie Metzger, Kevin Grigg, Mike Farah, Joe Farrell, The Bun Shop, Mike Donnay, and Doug Wernert

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