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Top Five Halloween Sandwiches

No one can deny that Halloween is a candy-centric holiday. However, these five sandwiches might soon have us all screaming a different tune ‘ one deliciously shoved between two slices of bread.

Open-Face Turkey Sandwich On Whole Grain Wheat With Caramel-Covered Apples, Candy-Creamed-Corn, And Fresh-Crushed Smarties

Evoking the crisp, autumnal sugar coma that comes only after a night of trick-or-treating, this sammy has quickly emerged as a Halloween staple ever since being prominently featured in the direct-to-DVD sequel 2 Hocus 2 Pocus.

Short Rib Bahm Mi With Fire-Roasted Skittles Served On Top Of A Jason Mask With Apple Cider ‘Enhanced Au Jus

What ‘s truly frightening is how fast this slow-cooked pork masterpiece will make your mouth water. And though the Skittles are heavily infused with rosemary, you lose none of that classic rainbow taste.

Unopened Variety Pack Between Two Slices Of Bread

Two-hour waits are the norm as foodies from around the globe line up to taste the latest creation of celebrity chef David Chang.

Airhead-Marinated Kobe Beef Sliders Loosely Tossed Inside A Novelty Pumpkin Bucket

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave these mini sandwiches four stars, calling them “a surefire Oscar contender.”

A Skull With PB&J Dipping Sauces

Too spooky. Do not eat.

Sandwich Artist: Danielle Massie

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