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Conan Grinds On Charles Barkley And Other Late Night Leftovers

Our team of 37 heavily caffeinated editors has spent all day hand-crafting a brilliantly selected array of the best TV clips from last night so you don ‘t miss anything you shouldn ‘t. Watch what you want, skip what you don ‘t. Just be sure to swing back around tomorrow for more of yesterday ‘s greatest stuff.

Last night on Conan Charles Barkley accused the host of not having any rhythm, so Conan showed Charles Barkley just who has rhythm. It ‘s Conan! Conan is the one who has rhythm! Look at him dance in time with music! That is literally what ‘having rhythm” is, Charles Barkley! Are you reading this??

For a special Halloween treat (and also kind of a trick ‘guess sometimes you really can have it all), host of sports variety show Garbage Time Katie Nolan switched places with beloved human man Terry Crews. Her Terry Crews costume is so lifelike!

Since Colbert was off the air last week when the Star Wars trailer premiered, he ‘s had a whole week to work on jokes about it. But instead of doing that, he just went ahead and predicted how the whole new movie will go. Sorry for spoilers if his predictions are true!

Finally, Jimmy Kimmel pulled a #classic Jimmy Kimmel prank when he sent somebody to ask innocent civilians questions about the Republican debate. The only thing? The debate hadn ‘t happened yet. But everyone gives answers as if it had and they watched it, which is impossible! One person remarks on how Trump was ‘very much talking about generalized things,” which, haha, no that ‘s what YOU ‘RE doing, sir!

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