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Justin Bieber Storms Off Stage After Having A Rough Week And Honestly, I Get It

Justin Bieber stormed off stage mid-performance at his concert in Oslo, Norway on Thursday.

He later apologized on Instagram and said he had had a rough week with little sleep. And you know what, Justin. I get it. I ‘ve also had a rough week and while I ‘m not planning on yelling at the people in my office and dramatically walking out of the building, I ‘ve thought about it.

This morning for Halloween there was a little sign that said ‘Enter If You Dare!” and I almost didn ‘t enter. I almost just turned around and went back home and got in bed. Just like you, Justin. But we have got to keep trucking because you ‘ve got fans across the globe who adore you and sold out stadium shows and I ‘ve got rent to pay. We ‘re not too different, you and I.

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