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Check Out This New Wolf Species That’s Been Discovered Just In Time For Halloween!

Y'all! There ‘s a new wolf in town! Well, actually, there ‘s an entirely new species of wolf that scientists have discovered roaming eastern North America. That ‘s pretty cool right? The obvious answer is ‘yes, very very cool.”

You ‘re probably going to be at a ton of Halloween events this weekend so here is what you got to know about Coywolf so you can impress your friends, coworkers, and hopefully your disapproving parents.

  • Name: Coywolf
  • Relatives: Wolves, coyotes, and some bad (the cool kind of bad) dogs.
  • Where are coywolfs from: Eastern North America, like Ontario!
  • Are they fit? V fit. The article brags that they ‘have twice the heft of purebred coyotes.” That is v hefty. If you see one invite them to your Halloween party!
  • Where can we see them now?: Coywolves are super versatile and literally will hang in the forest, the open wilderness, and even in places populated by humans.
  • Rare or nah?: Nah! They ‘re are like over a million coywolves, but that doesn ‘t mean they aren ‘t still cool as hell!

So now you know! Go out this weekend with the smartest and spookiest wolf knowledge!

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