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Set Aside 26 Minutes Of Your Day To Watch The V. 90s ‘Wayne’s World’ VCR Game

The 1992 classic Wayne ‘s World is a very quotable movie, but did you know it was also a very quotable VCR game? As in, a game for people to play using a VHS tape plus a bunch of pieces at home, in which Mike Myers and Dana Carvey say some lines and then just wait for you to do things and then they say more lines and then there ‘s some weird cut-out lips and other 90s graphics? Thanks to this post from The A.V. Club that brought back this game back to light, now you can play the whole thing for yourself, although you ‘ll have to make your own ‘party on” cards.

See how much of this 26 minute video you can bear to watch, and add to your favorite Wayne ‘s World quotes some game-exclusive ones, such as ‘

  • Party on and keep playing!”
  • ‘Alright who ‘s turn is it? Are you worthy?”
  • ‘[Awkward silence as Garth nods intently into camera]”

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