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Allison Janney And Stephen Colbert Turn Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded” Into A Spicy Dramatic Dialogue

If Stephen Colbert wants to make a habit out of having talented actresses perform dramatic readings of non-dramatic things on his show, then we say good because that ‘s a good idea! Last month we got Cate Blanchett barely keeping her shit together while delivering a review of a single-serve blender, and last night we got Allison Janney turning the not-particularly-creative lyrics to ‘Hot Blooded” into a steamy romance with Colbert. What ‘s next, another great actress reading another funny thing? Probably! Cuz like we said, these clips are good.

Of course, this brings up the question, how does Colbert and Janney ‘s version compare to the original? It ‘s a tough call, but Janney ‘s certainly dressed better:

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