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What The 12 New Twitter Buttons Mean

Twitter recently replaced their stars and favs with hearts and likes, but that ‘s not all. They ‘ve added 11 more buttons enabling users to make their feelings about a tweet as clear as possible. Check out the new buttons and what they mean below:

1. I like this tweet.

2. This tweet gave me a bit of a boner.

3. This tweet has The Illuminati written all over it.

4. This tweet is communist.

5. This tweet has something to do with Prince.

6. This is what you want, so here you go.

7. Fuck you, tweet.

8. Garfield.

9. This tweet is democratic socialist.

10. I bless this Christian tweet.

11. I like this tweet and I ‘m also a doctor.

12. I ‘m too high to have a valid opinion about this tweet.

Here they all are in action:

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