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Could Marco Rubio Have Chosen A Worse Person Than Malala To Have A Beer With?

Marco Rubio is still getting the tough questions even after the CNBC debate is long done and over with. At a Q&A at St. Anselm College in new Hampshire, Rubio was asked, ‘Who would you like to have a beer with who is not a politician?”

Automatically, everyone ‘s go-to answer for that question, Abraham Lincoln, is off the table, and if we are giving Rubio the benefit of the doubt, that means he might ‘ve freaked a little bit. So instead he gave the best worst answer he could ‘ve possibly given to that question which was Malala.

Marco Rubio said he would most like the kick back and enjoy a nice cold brew with an 18 year old girl whose religion, Islam,prohibits the consumption of alcohol. It is possible there isn ‘t a funnier worst answer than this. Malala might be the funniest answer to that question.

Answers that could come close but don ‘t quite hit the mark might be Ted Bundy (but that ‘d be more creepy funny, and he ‘d have to give some long winded answer on trying to get him drunk, lock him in a closet, then take the key back to the future with him) or maybe on the other end of the spectrum, like Mother Teresa. That ‘d be sort of funny because Mother Teresa would probably be too busy clothing the poor and sick to grab a brewski, but ultimately she ‘d legally be allowed to do so.

Answering “Malala” is so well intentioned and positive and absolutely incorrect. Hearing him answer that is like watching a bad American Idol audition from someone you thought might do okay from their waiting room interview with Ryan Seacrest. You ‘re routing for them but despite being pure of heart that end product just does not add up.

Despite trying as hard as possible to think of a funnier worst answer than Malala, there just isn ‘t one. Rubio doesn ‘t have too much to worry about, though. This will all blow over and if for some reason it doesn ‘t he can just call Malala up and hash it all out over a round of Bud Heavies.

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