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Canada’s Prime Minister Just Proved Himself To Be A Total Ladies Man

Canada ‘s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau just appointed an equal amount of women and men to his cabinet, which is pretty dang newsworthy. This is the first time this has happened in Canada ‘s history and puts Canada ahead of a bunch of other countries (coughAmericough.)

This makes Trudeau a true ladies man. Here are all the men who used to fill up the cabinet being like, good job Trudeau, let ‘s switch up this boys club and bring some smart ladies into the mix. See, everyone is happy!

When asked why he did so, Trudeau was all like, “because it ‘s 2015, bitch.” Actually he just said, “because it ‘s 2015” and the “bitch” was an editorial choice on our part that just seemed to fit so naturally.

But damn, what a fucking good response. In fact, it ‘s so good, “because it ‘s 2015, bitch” might be the new “drop the mic.”

When someone asks why you decided to quit the partying lifestyle and dedicate yourself to your passions, just be like “because it ‘s 2015, bitch.” You don ‘t have time anymore to dilly-dawdle around. You have shit to do.

When you hear Britney Spears is releasing a new album soon, and before you ask yourself why, just already know it ‘s “because it ‘s 2015 ‘and she ‘s Britney, bitch.”

Good job, Trudeau. Now when the rest of the world thinks of Canada, they ‘re not gonna just think of quaint, frozen wilderness, they ‘ll think of a quaint, frozen wilderness that understands the importance of female representation in government. More like, Cana-daaaayum!

We ‘ll leave the ladies with a personal message from Trudeau, himself! 😉

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