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The International ‘Star Wars’ Trailer Is Bigger And Better

Dang baby! The hot new international Star Wars trailer has been released! Before your lil mouth is like ‘blah blah I ‘ve already seeeeeeen the trailer” know that this international trailer means more countries and more countries means more scenes!

That ‘s right, buster! The international trailer is even doper, probably so it has the capacity to be shared around the whole entire globe. That ‘s definitely how those marketing meetings went down.

Boss Man: This international trailer has to be ‘
Suit Man: Bigger
Boss Man: Yes, exactly. Because it has to ‘
Suit Man: Stretch around the entire world.
Boss Man: Yes, that ‘s 100% what we need, it only makes sense that ‘
Suit Man: More countries means more content.
Boss Man: Suit man, you are correct. I will now promote you to Boss Man. Congratulations.

Wild, but true. That is the exact conversation that happened when strategizing their marketing. Now watch this XXL trailer.

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