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Popular Theories About the Streak in the Sky

What the hell was that streak in the sky over Southern California this weekend? Here are some popular theories.

Alien spacecraft.

Shooting star.

The first shot in this year ‘s War on Christmas.

Elaborate promotion tied to Matt Damon ‘s ‘The Martain.” IN THEATERS NOW!

Trump hairspray mishap.

Typical digestive reaction to Taco Bell.

A renegade Uber.

The result of someone mixing pop rocks and Coke.

Late response to legalization of gay marriage by the Lord Almighty, may he have mercy on us all.

Whatever it was, it was Obama ‘s fault.

Pumpkin Spice Latte gone wrong.

It was the Hess Truck. It ‘s back! (And it ‘s better than ever.)

Just a collective hallucination we all experienced at the same time, bro.

Your life savings after a wild weekend in Vegas.


Distraction manufactured by the Ben Carson Presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton ‘s emails.

Apple iCloud malfunction.

Super fast experimental Denver-bound Southwest Airlines flight.

Star Wars IRL!

A meteor on its way to annihilating life on earth.

Bernie Sanders.

Oh. It was a Naval Rocket. Never mind.

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