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7 Viral Vids That Are Internet AF Right Now

Clap along if you know the words to this week ‘s top vids.

Just Beat It

Get ready to get uncomfortable as a wedding band is forced to perform near a man with perhaps the world ‘s worst rhythm.

via Boston Naturals

The Fence Awakens

At the 2015 Fencing Senior World Championships in Moscow, two Jedis duke it out with light sabers instead of whatever ‘swords” fencers typically use. WARNING: After watching this video, you WILL want the new Star Wars movie to be scored by Maroon 5.

via School of Saberfighting

Row, Row, Row, You ‘re Bored

The University of Louisville Swimming and Diving team keeps themselves, and more importantly ALL OF US, entertained while waiting around at the airport. Layovers will never be the same.

You Can ‘t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Because they need to figure it out for themselves, of course.

via AFV


‘Oh, this is your house? My apologies. Guess I ‘ll be moving along now. Enjoy your evening.”

‘Everybody, if you can, do the Dopeman”

The latest mashup from Animal Robot perfectly pairs Redman with the Bartman, although like most things, we wouldn ‘t be surprised if The Simpsons already did it.

via Animal Robot

Don ‘t Worry, Be Posing

Finally, here ‘s a video that shows you how to perform several classic poses that will make you look butt naked even though you are actually wearing underwear the whole time. Thank you, internet.

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