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Ja Rule’s Words Of Encouragement To 50 Cent Are The Most Contradicting Thing Of All Time

One half of every early 2000 R&B duet you loved, Ja Rule offered some words of encouragement to rapper 50 Cent, who is currently facing financial troubles.

‘I don ‘t care about that man. Good luck to that man. I hope he finds himself in a situation where he feels more comfortable. I don ‘t really give a fuck” is the exact thing Ja Rule said when asked what he thought about 50 Cent declaring bankruptcy.

That is officially the most conflicting message of encouragement known to mankind. Because at first Ja is like, ‘IDGAF, who is this guy? I am unbothered by him.”

Then he throws a complete curve ball with the ‘good luck to that man.” And we ‘re all like whhaattttt.

He furthers our confusion, but maybe wins us over with his kindness when he says, ‘I hope he finds himself in a situation where he feels more comfortable.” Maybe Ja DOES care about this man?

Look at these two bad boys befriending each ‘ WAIT A SECOND!

Ja must remind us all he actually does not care. ‘I don ‘t really give a fuck.” Welp.

Not to be a stickler, Ja, but it seemed like you DID care. Ugh, this has been a yoyo of emotional support and cold shouldering. Luckily Ja Rule ‘s music will always comfort us.

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