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How To Tell Your Boss You Must Leave After Watching The New Missy Elliott Video

Missy ‘Misdemeanor” Elliott surprised us all with her single and the music video for ‘WTF (Where They From)” on Thursday morning. It ‘s excellent. It ‘s classic. It ‘s a legitimate excuse to decide to take the day off of work.

It ‘s dang tiring watching something so on point, so wherever you are in your day, just shoot your boss this email:

Hi there, Mr./Ms. ______ [ or if you have a cool boss: Sup! Sup! Sup!]

I ‘ve just watched Missy Elliott ‘s new music video, the first one she has released in seven years, and I unfortunately have to head out immediately. I am fine and everyone in my family is fine, but upon bearing witness to just how topnotch Missy Elliott is conducting her life and how on point her music is, I realized I could be trying harder, too. So I ‘m gonna dip out early and try and just figure out how to raise myself to that standard. I ‘ll probably go to a beauty-supply store and buy some lip crystals and then take a space-age hip-hop puppeteering class in a Matrix shipping warehouse. Since it ‘s toward the end of the week, I ‘m just going to take the rest off, too. I also am not going to respond to those emails from [name] in [department]. I hate [_name] _in [department].

Thank you for understanding!

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