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Ben Carson’s Map Shows A Whole New America

Above is an image tweeted out by sleepy presidential hopeful, Ben Carson. There are two things wrong with it.
1) It ‘s bragging about denying Syrian refugees who are trying to escape ISIS, a situation not dissimilar from when Jewish people tried to escape Nazis in the 1930 ‘s.

2) New England.

Yeah, just take a closer look at New England. That isn ‘t what New England is supposed to look like.

Ben Carson is reimagining a whole new America with this map. Under his presidency, we ‘re looking at an America much cozier with Canada. Good news, Vermont! You have a lot more beach front properties now! Also, sorry Connecticut, not totally sure where you ‘re supposed to fit in Ben Carson ‘s America.

His team quickly corrected the image on his social pages, but now we can ‘t say we weren ‘t warned when his first order as president is to get rid of Connecticut.

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