By: Jack McBrayer

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Jack & Alex Set Sail

Alexander Skarsg ‘rd and Jack McBrayer set sail, but very quickly their smooth seas turn choppy. Alex is the hero of this Arctic adventure while Jack fears he doesn't have what it takes to survive.

Jack McBrayer
Alexander Skarsgard
Lindsay Kerns – Writer
Owen Burke – Writer
Christian Heuer – Producer
Charles Ingram – Director, Actor, Editor
Shawn James- Motion Graphics
Marty Cramer- Colorist
Sean Oakley- Sound Design
Andy Bichlbaum – Yes Men / Producer
Mike Bonanno – Yes Men / Producer
Stephen Nugent – Additional Cinematography
Carolina Nyverg-Steiser – Greenpeace
Mads Fisker – Greenpeace
James Turner – Greenpeace
Esben Sloth – Greenpeace
Sune Scheller – Greenpeace
Christian Aslund – Photographer
Daniel Rizzotti – Captain
Martina Deplano – Boat Crew
Shea Wilcox – Medic
Tom Foreman – Polar Bear Hunter
Elmer Vestidas – Boat Crew
Sille Bjelke – Boat Crew
Nacho – Boat Crew

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