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7 Viral Vids That Are Internet AF Right Now

Videos have never been more viral than they are this week.

Squeaky Shoe Girl Can ‘t Stay Mad

Watch as a young girl tries to mope around, but can ‘t get away from the adorable squeak of her new shoes.

h/t tastefullyoffensive

Five Minutes Of The ’80s

Don ‘t have 10 years to spend reliving the ’80s? Then just consume this non-stop onslaught of the decade ‘s most memorable commercial images and save yourself well over nine years.

Cat Enjoys Finger Foods

Figuring out how to eat with their hands is just the first step in total world domination.

Truck Makes A Sharp Turn Down For What

We don ‘t want to know anything about this video. We ‘re just happy it exists.

h/t Reddit

Kids Understand Business Way Better Than Adults

You can get a lot for a kid brother these days.

h/t Reddit

Worst. Guesses. Ever.

The category in this round is exactly what you ‘ll be screaming at your computer as you watch this.

Pie Review: ‘It ‘s gooooOOOooood.”

If you ‘re ever feeling down, we recommend watching someone joyfully consume pie.

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