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Woman Perfectly Trolls Fox News In Her American Flag Hijab

Being on TV is stressful. What do you say? What do you wear? Luckily if you ‘re the president of the Republican Muslim Coalition doing an interview on Fox TV those questions are cleared up immediately.

You calmly explain to Megyn Kelly and the other woman they ‘ve brought onto television to fight with you that mosques are not hotbeds of terrorism and you wear a mother-fucking American flag hijab.

That ‘s what Saba Ahmed did and even when she wasn ‘t having to explain that being a terrorist and being a Muslim are different things and that banning mosques goes against America ‘s freedom of religion, she was able to sit back and make a fucking badass shady point with her American flag hijab.

Without saying a word, Ahmed was saying, ‘Go ahead, Megyn Kelly and other woman who thinks I am a terrorist, go ahead and argue about my validity as an American patriot. I ‘ll just sit here and wait. No, really, I will just sit here and wait.”

So, Marc Jacobs or Yves Saint Laurent, if you ‘re looking for a muse, for someone to make a ‘fashion statement,” look no further. This is she.

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