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Spend 17 Minutes Watching Bill Maher And Stephen Colbert In A Tense Conversation

Earlier this week on the Late Show, Stephen Colbert engaged in an interview with Bill Maher. The two seasoned TV hosts politely, diplomatically butted heads about politics, ISIS, Catholicism, HBO, swear words, and what to possibly do with an interview that, while good television, consists of a lot of uncomfortable laughter being exchanged between two people who don ‘t seem to like or agree with each other very much.

Although there are many quotably tense moments, a personal favorite is “Who the f*ck is Steve? Are you my third grade teacher?” Who knows, though, maybe your favorite moment will be different, and as this two-part interview shows, it ‘s perfectly okay for two people occupying the same space to disagree on stuff. Maybe it ‘s just a little awkward.

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