By: Kristy Lopez-Bernal

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I ‘m A Ben Carson Truther ‘ Where Is His Medical School Diploma?

Doctor or just regular guy?

Earlier this week, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson ‘s foreign policy advisors revealed that Ben Carson is very bad at understanding foreign policy. Ben Carson has also reportedly struggled with a number of other intellectual topics. So how was he able to graduate from medical school and become a surgeon at a world-renowned hospital? Something seems fishy.

Ben Carson. Man who thinks armed Jews would have stopped the Holocaust. Man who thinks the big bang theory is a made-up fairytale and evolution is satanic. Man who thinks the Egyptian pyramids are for storing grain. Man who doesn ‘t understand the basic geography of the northeastern United States.

Ben Carson seems like a real dumb idiot, right? So my question is: are we sure this man is a surgeon? Like, one who went to college and got an actual medical degree? Because I ‘m not so sure!

I want to see Ben Carson ‘s medical school diploma. Because that diploma seems more and more like it doesn ‘t exist.

Look, we spent years questioning Barack Obama ‘s ‘Americanness,” even after Obama provided us his Hawaiian birth certificate. We can certainly ask to see Carson ‘s medical credentials. Just like Barack Obama spawned Birthers, I ‘m a Ben Carson Medicalther. Diplomather. Doctorther. Whatever, you get the point.

Think about it. This is a man who doesn ‘t understand basic geography or basic history or basic science or basic ANYTHING. What a total dummy! And you ‘re telling me that he was able to graduate from college? And graduate from medical school? And become a doctor? A surgeon? At a world-renowned hospital? I ‘m not buying it!

Plus, we know that Ben Carson already lied to us for years about getting a scholarship to West Point when he didn ‘t even apply. So maybe he ‘s also lying about having gotten into any college!

Sure, I believe that Ben Carson has performed many surgeries on many people. I ‘m not saying he didn ‘t. But did he perform them as a licensed medical professional or ‘ more likely ‘ did he perform them as a random dumb guy off the street? Who was in the operating room: DOCTOR Ben Carson or MISTER Ben Carson?

Sound farfetched? America is considering him for president when he ‘s done absolutely nothing related to politics or policy in his life. So is it that crazy to think that someone at some point considered him for a surgical position even though he had done nothing related to medicine in his life? Maybe not!

Please sign our REAL petition

Therefore, I have started this REAL online petition to request Ben Carson ‘s college and medical degrees. Please add your name if you want Ben Carson to PROVE that he really is a licensed medical doctor.


And, hey, if Ben Carson does produce those diplomas, we can all feel completely terrified about what kind of person is cutting us open and fixing our insides.

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