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Whoa! Ben Carson And Donald Trump, Against All Odds, Are Still Spewing Hate Speech

For those of you who own and operate bigotry-odometers, it has been a busy week and those made-up machines of yours are probably dingin ‘ off the chain! People are in a tizzy trying to say the most offensive thing they can about the Syrian refugee crisis.

At the top of the ‘just insanely offensive, oh my god, did they really say that” list is Ben Carson calling refugees ‘rabid dogs” and Donald Trump promising he ‘d make a database of all American Muslims.

Yeah those are real things the frontrunners of the GOP have said this week. Those statements also map nicely onto things that, oh let ‘s scroll back in history one sec, the Nazis said about Jewish people. It really makes you wonder if this will be what brings these two bozos down?

We all want it to be, but it seems that the more and more awful things these dudes say, the more strength they gain from some growing core of bigot ogres and lizard people hidden in the seams of our country. Weren ‘t Carson and Trump supposed to have fizzled out? How are they still spurting out bile? This isn ‘t done yet?

They ‘re like a hate speech fireworks show that you keep thinking is over but against all odds they are still just exploding all over the place. And for some fucking reason people are still clapping and cheering despite there being babies and dogs crying and warning us this is a legitimate moment of terror. Listen to the dogs and babies, people.

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