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There ‘s A NEW ‘The Dress ‘ And It ‘s One Owned By All Female Meteorologists

Is this dress blue and black, or is it worn by lots of female meteorologists who are all part of the same online community? In this case, it ‘s mainly the latter, but also sometimes the former. As Redditor/meteorologist WXGirl83 explained in a post this weekend, ‘This is what happens when you post a link to a $23 dress on Amazon to a female meteorologist Facebook group.” Since the dress is affordable and fits in with stations ‘ often strict pattern-free/green-free/cleavage-free dress codes, it ‘s become a staple in many meteorologists ‘ wardrobes. Also that just sounds like a nice Facebook group to be a part of!

See below for the impressive collage plus some strays posted on Reddit in the aftermath of the storm. (Kind of a stretch but you get what we ‘re saying ‘it ‘s about the weather!)

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