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The New Game of Thrones Poster Changes Everything

Recently HBO has released the poster for the new season of Game of Thrones due to arrive this April. While most people ‘s focus has been on the fact that the poster features Jon Snow, a character most people thought long dead after last season ‘s cliff hanger, it seems even the biggest GOT fans have missed a crucial bit of information that HBO has revealed with the latest poster.

That ‘s right. It seems that, in what might be one of the biggest twists in the hit HBO show, Adam Sandler will be reprising his role as Donny Berger from the film That ‘s My Boy during season six of Game of Thrones. Now there have been rumors flying around ever since the end of season 5 that the TV show will start to jump ahead of the plot that was laid out in the novels, and it seems like those rumors have been validated. But what exactly does this mean for the fate of Westeros?

Jon Berger?

The identity of Jon Snow ‘s biological father has been a constant mystery for the entirety of both the show and the books,leading to some wild fan theories. Like that Jon is actually the son Rhaegar Targaryen,or possibly even Stannis Baratheon. But it seems like the more logical option after the release of this poster is that Jon Snow is actually Donny Berger ‘s son, and most likely the product of the same student teacher relationship that Donny Berger had in the film That ‘s My Boy. To back this theory up, it is true that if you took Jon Snow and gave him a mullet, some sunglasses, and a Keystone tallboy he ‘d look exactly like Donny Berger from That ‘s My Boy. And that ‘s why many fans, including myself, are jumping on board the Jon Berger bandwagon.

Targaryen Berger Dynasty?

It ‘s no question that one of the main problems facing everyone ‘s favorite Mother of Dragons has been finding a suitable husband to partner with in order to secure her foothold across the Narrow Sea. With the new revelation that Donny Berger from That ‘s My Boy will be joining the cast in the sixth season, some “Targaryenheads” on the Game of Thrones wiki have been pushing a theory that Donny Berger from That ‘s My Boy and Daenerys will join forces and bring order to Essos. I mean who better to handle Daenerys ‘ feisty personality than that stone cold stud himself Donny Berger from That ‘s My Boy?

Three eyed raven is Donny Berger from That ‘s My Boy?

One of the most interesting theories that ‘s been suggested is that Donny Berger is the three eyed raven that has been haunting Bran ‘s dreams ever since season one. The theory that Donny Berger from That ‘s My Boy is in fact the three eyed raven is supported even further by a passage in the book about the three eyed raven coming to Bran in a dream wearing a cut-off jean jacket.

Again these are all just fan theories at this point, but we know for sure from this poster that Adam Sandler will be starring as Donny Berger from That ‘s My Boy in the sixth season of Game of Thrones. This season is sure to be a roller coaster ride, and we know that Sandler as Donny Berger will certainly bring some drama to this popular fantasy epic, and maybe a couple of laughs along the way.

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