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7 Viral Vids That Were Internet AF This Week

While it may seem like it, this week ‘s viral vids are NOT a game.

1. The Hunger Games, But For Real

The search for Pita continues.

via PistolShrimps

2. Dog Jenga

This one ‘s a real treat.

h/t Internet Action Force

3. Hi, my name is ‘ Scooter.

Muppet-mashup magician Mylo The Cat strikes again. And while the song may not give you the feels, it will definitely leave with a case of the felts.

4. Kid singer fights off the hiccups

If you ‘re waiting for this to stop being funny, don ‘t hold your breath.

5. Kitty wants to take puppy for a ride

There ‘s a reason why the internet survives off of cute animal videos, THEY ‘RE FUCKING FANTASTIC.

6. Irish Mom Tries To Kill Spider

Seriously, the only thing that would make this video better is if she had the hiccups.

h/t someecards

7. Mr. Fire Pants (REMIX)

OK, we ‘ve heard of Dance Music, but PANTS music!?!?!?!?!

h/t Reddit

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